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Reggae Warriors qualify for World Cup!

first_imgJamaica’s Reggae Warriors have defeated the USA Hawks 16-10 to qualify for the Rugby League World Cup.Led by tries from Joel Farrell and Jacob Ogden, the Romeo Monteith coached Reggae Warriors led the Hawks 16-10 at the half. The second half saw them held their shape and nerve to produce a fine defensive display against the hosts to see the result out and make history.The Rugby League World Cup takes place in England in 2021. The USA could still join Jamaica at the tournament but they must now advance from an intercontinental playoff with South Africa and the Cook Islands.last_img read more

This country…

first_img…not for SOME old menTime, it is said, waits on no man…but in Guyana, it’s clear the Government can make it stop for SOME men. Which, as you can imagine, dear reader, is not an inconsiderable power – especially in a country where the Government already acts without shame as the Levithan! Your Eyewitness has already mentioned the firing of one ex-Chancellor of the Judiciary – Justice Cecil Kennard – from his position as Chair of the Police Complaints Authority, because he’s “too old”.What he didn’t know, were the circumstances under which the Chancellor was fired. And these were shocking and reprehensible, to say the least. Imagine giving a man 36 hours to leave his job after HE’S given 50 years of service to Guyana! And that notice is sent through the mail! “Cold” isn’t the word. Then to rub salt into that wound, when Justice Kennard askes for an extension to clean up his case backlog, they give him two months rather than three! What manner of men are these that call the shots, this PNC-led coalition Government?Men with a devious plan, that’s who. First of all, we know the purported “age disqualification” for Justice Kennard is risible. We already pointed out this Government hired Clive Thomas – who’s just as old as Kennard – to not just one job, but three!! Two more stressful than any other job in the realm – Chairing GuySuCo and Chairing SARA. On the third, “Advising the President”, maybe he can wing it – but not the other two. In the PCA, Justice Kennard would be basically evaluating evidence in cases just as he’s being doing for 50 years. Thomas, has never run a cake shop much less getting rid of GuySuCo’s assets to “political investors” and collecting assets from “political enemies”.So, what’s really going on here? The decks are being cleared to have the Executive assume total control of the State machinery. And individuals who have a background of independence – especially from the judicial branch, just won’t do – no “intelligence, integrity and impartiality” needed! Their ideal candidates would be someone like the old Chief Justice Bollers, who did the PNC’s bidding when he was placed in charge of the then Elections Commission. And closed his eyes to all the rigging.By removing Chancellor (ag) Carl Singh, former Chancellor Kennard, former Appellate Prem Persaud, and Deputy Solicitor General Kissoon, the message sent is pellucid. If you’re employed by the State, you’re presumed guilty of consorting with the “enemy” once you’re ethnically challenged!Your professionalism doesn’t matter. Just bend your principles into a pretzel to conform with outcomes you know the Government wants.…playing with livesYour Eyewitness saw the carefully worded – VERY carefully worded statement that in seven out the 10 regions of Guyana, 60 per cent of the “primary drugs”, were supplied. They could have been up front and admitted that four out of 10 main drugs like pain killers or “sugar tablets” are unavailable to the vast majority of the people of this country!But that’ll never happen in this Orwellian Guyana, will it? In Opposition, the APNU/AFC insisted there were major problems in this country’s pharma procurement. Taking office, they threw the old system out – to “correct” the flaws. The old major supplier was thrown out on their ears and new favoured ones introduced. But the complaints of “drug shortages” persisted – but were stoutly denied. The medical personnel didn’t know what they were talking about! But after a while, the “no drugs” cries were too widespread to ignore.So we heard it was a “warehouse problem” – and a new sole sourced warehouse would take care of that.So what’s the new excuse?…and parkingThe Chronic insisted former President Ramotar’s car was clamped even thought there was no meter there, because it was in a “no parking zone”. So, Smart City’s doing the Traffic Police job, now?Does Ramjattan know about this?last_img read more

Let United Nations manage elections

first_imgDear Editor,It does not appear that the two sides, President Granger and Opposition Leader Jagdeo, APNU/AFC and PPP, will reach an agreement (consensus) on appointing a GECOM Chair or set a firm timeline for elections. On June 18, the CCJ had urged the two sides to come to an agreement by June 24 on orders the court should issue and they failed to meet. On June 24, the court extended the deadline to July 1 (date for written submission of suggestions for consequential orders) and the sides still failed to meet, much less discuss the issues. The court had stated that they could try until July 12 when the court will issue its orders on what must be done. The court’s orders are final. The two sides should try to resolve this political problem. The ABC countries should put pressure on both sides to meet and honour the Constitution.There is much distrust between the sides. Both sides are fearful of fraudulent elections. My conversations with Guyanese reveal they also fear that election results may not reflect the will of the voters. A poll I am conducting in Guyana reveals a very racially polarised nation. Governing Guyana will not be easy unless election results are accepted by both sides. The country will not make progress after elections unless both sides feel the outcome reflects the will of the voters and that every eligible voter’s name is on the list.Since it has become a controversial political issue that does not lend itself to an easy solution, may I suggest that both sides meet and work out an agreement for the United Nations to manage (run) the elections? It will save Guyanese the expense of organising the elections. The UN was in charge of holding elections in several polarised societies when the contending parties could not reach an agreement on a way forward. The UN will ensure that free and fair elections are held in Guyana and that no one is denied the right to vote. The UN’s Secretary-General and its security forces will make sure a credible election is held and the results accepted.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img read more

Injury ends Kaka’s Copa America dream

first_img0Shares0000Kaka has been called up by Brazil for the Copa America in the United States.LOS ANGELES, USA, June 2 – Brazil’s Copa America injury crisis deepened after veteran striker Kaka withdrew from the squad with a hamstring injury ahead of the team’s tournament opener against Ecuador.The 34-year-old Orlando City attacking midfielder had been looking forward to competing in his first Copa America but saw his dream dashed after suffering an injury at Brazil’s Los Angeles training base. “Kaka has had discomfort in training and safety will be auditioned MRI, which showed a small problem. Doctors indicate between 15 and 20 days of recovery,” said Brazilian Football Confederation official Gilmar Rinaldi.The former FIFA World Player of the Year will be replaced by Sao Paulo’s Paulo Henrique Ganso. Brazilian officials have already spoken to Sao Paulo to secure Ganso’s participation and are awaiting formal clearance from CONMEBOL.Kaka’s injury ends his hopes of participating in the Copa America for the first time.This year’s special edition of the tournament kicks off on Friday in Santa Clara when hosts the United States face Colombia.Kaka’s withdrawal brings to five the number of Brazilian players who have withdrawn from the squad through injury.Kaka himself had been an injury replacement for Bayern Munich’s Douglas Costa. Other players ruled out through injury include Ricardo Oliveira Santos, replaced by Jonas, goalkeeper Ederson and Barcelona midfielder Rafinha.Brazil open their Copa America Centenario campaign against Ecuador at the Pasadena Rose Bowl on Saturday.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship enters second day

first_imgCHETWYND, B.C. – The Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship got underway this Thursday.The event is entering its 14th year and has a total of 12 carvers competing. The carvers came from all around the world including the US, Japan, Lithuania, Australia, the UK and more.Carvers are given a total of 36 hours to transform an enormous red cedar log into an elaborate work of art, with the winners taking home cash prizes.- Advertisement -Prizes include:1st: $5,0002nd: $3,0003rd: $2,000People’s Choice: $1,000Carver’s Choice: $500All carvings will be placed throughout the city of Chetwynd once the competition concludes.last_img read more

Tottenham defender on brutal training methods: ‘More experienced players probably couldn’t handle what we do’

first_img 3 Has he brought in new training methods?“He’s brought a few new things into the gym. One is basically a platform that you’re attached to with elastic cords and the quicker you run away from it, the quicker it pulls you back. So you’re working against your own force. I can work on accelerating, decelerating and changing direction – it’s helping my game.”No team has looked infallible this season. Do you think that gives Tottenham a good chance of breaking into the top four?“It’s difficult. It’s not like the Championship, but it’s not far off now because a lot of teams are beating a lot of teams. We just have to do the basics well, do what we’re doing in training and we’ll see where we are at the end of the season. Obviously everyone wants to play top-four football, but there are only four spaces and 20 teams.”Tottenham are away to Anderlecht in the Europa League on Thursday before playing Bournemouth on Sunday. How are the team managing Europe this season?“We’ve got used to it. It’s just normal now. We’re young, we’re fit, we have two days’ recovery and then we go again. I want to play as much football as possible and I’m sure the rest of the lads agree, so there’s no excuses. Okay, we might be a bit tired [on Sunday], and need to manage the game a bit differently, but our quality should still come through.”Is the mental tiredness more difficult to manage than the physical side?“Spot on. You travel, you train, you play, you travel back. It’s not your legs that are affected, it’s your mind, because you’re here, there and everywhere. But we are professionals and we have a job to do whether we’re tired or not. If you’re tired, then manage yourself differently. Make sure that when you get home from that Thursday night game, you get enough rest, eat well and prepare right for the game coming up.” Kyle Walker 3 3 This interview appears in the current edition of Sport magazine. Download the free iPad app here, and follow on twitter @sportmagukLast season was a frustrating one for Kyle Walker.The Tottenham and England full-back spent the best part of nine months out with a hip injury, unable to show the best of himself to new manager Mauricio Pochettino.Even when Walker did return, it was short-lived thanks to a foot injury that ruled him out from April until the end of the season. This lack of game time, coupled with Kieran Trippier’s arrival from Burnley over the summer, led to whispers that Walker’s stint at Tottenham could be nearing an end. But the 25-year-old put in the graft in pre-season, to prove he was ready to play an important role at White Hart Lane this campaign.On the day we meet, Walker is proving his worth off the pitch too. Wearing a Tottenham branded apron, he’s behind the counter of one of the concession stands at the stadium, serving up cheese pasties and hot dogs to a group of excited youngsters with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation. The idea is to help prepare the unemployed young people with the foundation to do the job themselves because, as of last Saturday’s game against Liverpool, they now run the stand at every home game. While they pick up valuable skills, the club ensures all proceeds go directly back into the foundation.Once he’s finished serving – and posing for selfies – Walker takes off his pinny and tells us why Tottenham have all the ingredients to make this season a success.The club started the season with one defeat and three draws before winning a game. Was the manager happy with that, or concerned about the wait for a victory?“In-house, there were no worries. If we had beaten Manchester United [Tottenham lost at Old Trafford on the opening day] and lost three, then maybe it would be something to think about. Apart from the Stoke game, when we were 2-0 up at home and drew 2-2, our season so far has been relatively good. We’re a team that’s building for the future, but we can do big things this season as well.”Are you back to where you were before the injury in terms of form and fitness?“I probably feel the best I have in a good two years. It was one of those injuries no one could put their finger on. We tried every avenue before I went to surgery, but by then it looked like the only option. Touch wood, nothing has come back since. I can sneeze now without it being painful. Last season was stop-start for me, but I have a good pre-season behind me this time and I feel fresh and fit.”Some of Mauricio Pochettino’s former players have said how tough his training sessions are. Is that having an impact on Tottenham’s fitness levels?“I think the statistics show that: we outrun teams. And it’s better for us because we’re a young team. The more experienced players probably couldn’t handle what we do, so it’s lucky we haven’t got too many old heads [laughs]. He’s one of those managers whose door is always open. I know a lot of managers say that, but his really is. If you’ve got a problem in football, or even outside of it, you can always go and talk to him. Those man-management skills are vital for young players like we have. It’s critical to develop the squad, but we also need to develop as individuals.” There were a lot of departures from the club over the summer. Did you ever fear for your own place in the team?“You have to back yourself. Last season, when Ben Davies came in, me and Dan [Danny Rose] were wondering whether he’d play. In the end I’d say Danny was our standout player. Harry Kane got a lot of plaudits for the goals he scored, but Danny’s work ethic was second to none. I’ve tried to do the same as him this season. Kieran is a very good player, but you have to believe you’re better. I didn’t have the best season last year, so I had a lot to prove – not just to myself, but to the fans. And my dad, who’s my worst critic.”Your dad’s your harshest critic?“Yeah, he’ll tell me: you did well, but… you could do this or that better. It’s just what dads do, isn’t it? I think I’ll do it to my little boy. Not so much, maybe, but I will do it.”You spent the first couple of years at Tottenham out on loan at Sheffield United, QPR and Aston Villa. How did that period shape you as a player?“When you go out on loan as a youngster, at first you’re worrying about how the lads are going to take to you. But, once you get settled, in it’s a fantastic experience. QPR was probably what kick-started my career. They were winning every week and playing for Neil Warnock, who I’d played for at Sheffield United, gave me the confidence to just go out and play. But when Gerard Houllier wanted to take me to Villa, it was something I needed to do. I was in my comfort zone a bit in the Championship, so I wanted to see if I could take the next step. I did that, and got my England call-up a few months later. It’s vital to go out on loan and try to get that experience – not just on the field, but off it as well.”last_img read more

Everton risk missing out on French international this summer

first_img1 Marseille goalkeeper Steve Mandanda Everton are running the risk of losing out on goalkeeper Steve Mandanda to Monaco, according to reports in France.The Marseille captain is out of contract with the French club in the summer and has failed to negotiate a new deal at the Stade Velodrome following a disappointing campaign.Mandanda has reportedly been told that his place could be under threat if he decided to stay at Marseille next season and that has forced him to explore a move away.Everton, who are searching for a long-term replacement to MLS-bound Tim Howard, have been heavily linked with a swoop for the 31-year-old, but, according to France Football, Monaco have made contact with Mandanda about a switch.Mandanda is still understood to be keen on a move to the Premier League, where he is likely to earn more money, but Monaco believe the prospect of Champions League football next term could tempt him into staying in France.last_img read more

Students seek decathlon win

first_img“We have tried to simulate the competition for them, make them work under a time limit,” Manjarrez said. “They try to learn strategy and time management, skills they have to learn for life.” Although only 10 will attend the actual event, Manjarrez said the experience benefits the others, who may make next year’s team. “I was kind of nervous, but it was really fun,” said Angelina, 13, of last year’s competition. “Some people in class still keep in touch with kids from other schools who they met at the competition.” Along with his regular homework, Vianney Truong, 13, had to read and study an entirely different science textbook than the one he used during the school year. But all of Vianney’s studying paid off – last year, he won a fifth-place medal for individual performance in science. “This competition allows them to compete academically,” Manjarrez said. “We’ve seen them compete on the field and on the court. This is another way for them to express themselves.” (626) 578-6300, Ext. 4496160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE‘Mame,’ ‘Hello, Dolly!’ composer Jerry Herman dies at 88“It’s a very strong team,” he said. “They know the system.” According to the Academic Junior High Decathlon’s Web site,, this competition for students in grades 6-8 is comprised of 10 events. Two are team efforts – a logic quiz with 20 problems and a “super quiz” with 50 multiple-choice questions in five academic categories. The other eight events test individual knowledge of the Roman Catholic doctrine, English, literature, science, mathematics, current events, social studies and fine arts. Awards are given for individual and team performance, and the winning squad from each geographic diocese competes in a state championship the first Saturday of May. Team coaches and teachers Manjarrez, Nicky Mosiant and Ryan Jones have stayed after school for two hours two days a week since October with the more than 20 students on the team. MONROVIA – Last year, 10-year-old D.J. Pellegrino gave each of the Immaculate Conception team members at the state junior high academic decathlon – including his sister, Angelina – a penny for good luck. This year the team may not need luck. With last year’s experience under their belt, 10 students from Monrovia’s Immaculate Conception will flex their intellectual muscle at the annual California Catholic Schools Academic Junior High Decathlon, set for Saturday at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Although they placed in the middle of the pack of 80 schools at last year’s competition, coach and teacher Carlos Manjarrez said the students are better prepared this time. last_img read more

Baby law revise

first_imgLos Angeles County’s Safe Surrender ordinance, which Knabe helped establish in 2002, allows a parent, or someone designated by a parent, to drop off their baby at any county fire station or hospital emergency room within 72 hours of birth. Since 2002, 45 infants have been surrendered in Los Angeles County. The bill to expand it to 30 days was authored by Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, after a dead infant less than a week old was found in a Jack-in-the-Box trash bin near his house. Last month, in Pico Rivera, members of a local American Legion post discovered a baby boy, with umbilical cord still attached, outside the post, wrapped in a blanket. The child was alive and was in the county’s custody. In his veto message, Schwarzenegger said current state law sufficiently addresses the problem. “Some experts have raised concerns about this bill, which I share, that instead of improving child safety, increasing the time that a baby may be surrendered from 72 hours to 30 days, will have the opposite effect, putting newborns in greater risk by keeping them in an unsafe environment without proper care and supervision,” the governor said.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe on Monday applauded Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s decision to veto a bill that would have given new mothers 30 days to surrender their unwanted babies under the Safe Surrender Law. Schwarzenegger vetoed AB 1873 Friday. The bill would have extended the “safe surrender” period from 72 hours to a month for parents who want to leave their babies at hospitals and fire stations. “Extending the window from 72 hours to 30 days could have created serious medical issues,” Knabe said. “Access to quality medical care in the first hours of life is an absolutely critical component that could have been placed in jeopardy had this legislation gone through.” last_img read more

Detectives continue molestation probe after Kurtz arrested

first_imgPolice who arrested a former Balboa Park Recreation Center camp director on suspicion of molesting three children say they are still looking for other youngsters who might have been victimized. Daniel Craig Kurtz, 35, of North Hollywood was arrested July 18 on suspicion of molesting three girls, ages 8 through 10, at a movie theater and overnight sleepovers over a period of three years. “Based on Kurtz’s prior involvement with children, we believe there may be additional victims who have not come forward,” said Detective Cynthia Dragun of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Devonshire Division. “It is our hope that releasing his photograph will assist in locating any other victims and/or witnesses. It is believed that he is still working with children in some capacity.” Kurtz, currently in charge of the San Fernando Valley Club Volleyball team, will be arraigned today in San Fernando Superior Court. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREFrumpy Middle-aged Mom: My realistic 2020 New Year’s resolutions. Some involve doughnuts.He worked at the Balboa Park Recreation Center from December 2002 to August 2005. He was fired in September 2005. Before working at the center, he worked as a physical-education teacher at Louisville High School in Woodland Hills, an all-girls private school, and at Our Lady of Grace School in Encino. Anyone with information or who might know of a victim can call Dragun or Detective Kathy Haskins at 832-0609 or the 24-hour toll-free detective hotline at (877) LAW-FULL. (818) 713-3699 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more